How to Clean your Oil Rig with Kryptonite

The primary difference between a waterpipe and an oil rig is its size both in stature and in the size of the openings in the pipe. Oil rigs generally don’t have slides as they are part of the overall rig and are used with a nail made from quartz, titanium, or ceramic. They are also primarily used for concentrates like BHO shatter, BHO crumble, and CO2 wax.

BHO shatter and CO2 wax are extremely sticky. You’ll find small dab marks on the inside and outside of your pipe leaving it feeling like an IHOP syrup dispenser. Traditional salt and alcohol cleaners have very little effect on concentrates.

Because concentrates have limited plant matter remaining, salt and alcohol is a significantly less effective way to remove the concentrate build-up from the inside or outside of the glass or getting the concentrate residue out of your sink. Imagine trying to get tree sap off your car window with a heavy dose of salt and alcohol and a scrub brush. Thank goodness for Kryptonite!

Kryptonite was specifically formulated to remove this type of material from glass and other hard surfaces. Let’s begin returning your oil rig back to its like new condition.

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    Remove the water

    Start by removing your nail and disposing the water from the oil rig. Once all the water is removed, grab your travel-sized bottle of Kryptonite. Although everyone loves the Kryptonite bong bottle, the 2oz bottle is easier to get into the smaller openings of your oil rig.

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    Apply Kryptonite thoroughly

    Shake your 2oz bottle and squirt Kryptonite into the lower opening of your oil rig. Kryptonite is a coating solution so you don’t need a lot of it. In most cases, these rigs are relatively small. You should be able to clean your average oil rig several times with one travel bottle.Swish the Kryptonite around until all areas of your pipe are covered. Once you have the green glow of the Kryptonite coating the inside of your glass, take a small amount of Kryptonite and wipe around the outside of the glass removing all the sticky.

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    Kryptonite works significantly faster on concentrates and shouldn’t require 30 minutes to remove all build up. However, if your pipe looks like it’s never been cleaned, then you may want to give it the full 30 minutes.Now that you’ve coated the inside of your pipe with Kryptonite, the hard work is done. Now, let’s turn your attention to your nail.