How to Clean Your Bong

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    Remove your slide and bowl

    How to clean a bong and go Pour out your sludge bong water into your sink or toilet – however you normally dispose of your gross bong water (Cleaning with Kryptonite will make clean –up fast and simple).

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    Pour in Klear Kryptonite’s green slime

    Now that the water is removed from the pipe, pour in Klear Kryptonite’s green slime into the lower opening of your pipe.

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    Coat all areas of your pipe

    Now that you’ve added an ample amount of Kryptonite into the lower opening, simply slush it around a little until you’ve coated all areas of your pipe. Because Kryptonite is a clay-based coating solution, you shouldn’t need a lot. On average, a 2oz bottle of Kryptonite will clean 4 waterpipes – and it’s reusable so don’t fret if you’ve poured in too much Kryptonite into the lower opening. You can recover the excess Kryptonite for future use.

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    Flip and turn your pipe

    All of your ornate diffusers built into your waterpipe act as upside down pea traps allowing Kryptonite to flow through the bottom to the top of the pipe by simply flipping the pipe upside down. Recover the excess Kryptonite into the original container or a ziploc bag for your smaller parts.

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    Wait and relax

    Now that your waterpipe or bong has that cool green glow effect from Kryptonite’s coating action, just relax. The hard part’s over.

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