Kryptonite vs. Other Cleaners

If you’ve been into your local smoke shop recently you’ll notice there’re quite a few commercially available bong cleaners on the market today. The majority of them contain salt, alcohol, acetone, and/or D-Limonene. I am sure most of you are familiar with all of these chemicals except for D-Limonene.

D-Limonene it is better known as the orange oil or the orange smelling chemical found in commercially available soaps and other cleaning agents (less than 3% by law).

D-Limonene like the other chemicals mentioned above (alcohol, acetone) are considered hazardous material. When purchasing products that have D-Limonene in them they generally have less then 3% of this hazardous material. This is because coming in contact with large doses of this chemical is toxic and known to cause cancer in lab animals and is 100% VOC.

How can VOCs affect human health?

Today I’d like to cover how Kryptonite compares to some of these available cleaning products containing high levels of D-Limonene.

KLEAR Kryptonite in contrast with products like Grunge Off or Orange Chronic; Kryptonite contains no D-Limonene! Unlike Grunge Off or Orange Chronic that are 100% VOC; Kryptonite contains less than 3% VOC.

What makes Kryptonite a more effective cleaner, other than the fact that it’s a non hazardous good, contains lesson 3% VOC and has zero D-Limonene.

Kryptonite also washes clean with water compared to the other commercially available products on the market today. Kryptonite is infused with spearmint oil, so when you no longer smell the nonhazardous spearmint oil you know the Glass is safe to use it again.

Unlike Grunge off; Kryptonite only requires you to soak your piece for approximately 15 – 30 minutes compared with 24hrs. Kryptonite is also safe to use on sinks, most clothing, hands, glass, metal, extraction tubes, grow trays, Pyrex trays and other cannabis related items.

When it comes to your beloved bong or water pipe use the only environmentally sound cleaner on the market today. KLEAR Kryptonite.

Kryptonite is the only clay based cleaner commercially available in the smoking industry. Its unique formulation allows it to stick to the services is been applied to. Another way of saying this is that kryptonite coats your glass or other hard surfaces allowing you to maintain contact with the dirty areas. This is truly important when you have water pipes or bongs with intricate designs, P traps, chandeliers, or other diffusers built into the pipe.

Grunge Off vs Kryptonite

Let’s start with Grunge Off
Grunge Off contain high levels of D-Limonene (far above 3%) and they’re MSDS clearly states hazardous material. In comparison KLEAR Kryptonite contains no D-Limonene and its MSDS clearly states Non hazardous good.

Grunge Off is an orange colored liquid that requires you to fully submerge you’re bong or water pipe so that the chemical stays in contact with the areas you wish to clean. Prior to the release of Kryptonite, Grunge Off was probably the most effective cleaner on the market. This is due to it extremely high levels of D-Limonene (far above 3%); this orange smelling chemical is extremely corrosive and will eat through most anything given an extended period of time. D-Limonene is also an effective termite and pest control chemical.

When using Grunge Off to clean your water pipe it must be completely submerged in this solution. This becomes inconvenient if you’re bong is taller than 6” or has multiple chambers. Today, most glass water pipes have built in ice catchers to cool the smoke, complex chandeliers that work as upside-down pea traps, diffuser plates, and in a lot of cases, ornate designs that help cool the smoke while providing a dramatic piece of art for display.

Another concerning issue when using Grunge Off is the slipperiness of the chemical as you attempt to rinse Grunge Off from your pipe. Grunge Off leaves a slimy feel on the outside of your glass as you rinse with water. This slimy feel on the outside of the glass has caused me to personally break more then one bong.

Additionally Grunge Off leaves an orange smell on the glass; just say D-Limonene. This should be of the utmost concern if you are consuming cannabis as a medicine or if you are a lab animal, as it is known to cause cancer. This orange smell is the D-Limonene on the glass; even when rinsing for several minutes the orange smell remains; remember D-Limonene is known to cause cancer and is 100% VOC and is used as a termite pesticide.

Although D-Limonene is used to kill termites I’m sure burning it off and inhaling it into your lungs isn’t causing you any harm! LOL. Of course if you have concerns like me…. STOP using products that contain D-Limonene!