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Getting ready to go on vacation? Planning on smoking some cannabis while you’re there? No problem!

Each of our Kryptonite Glass and Bong Cleaner Travel Bottles contain 2oz of our original formula, so they're safe to bring on plane flights as they are under the 3oz TSA limit for liquids. Whether you're traveling by land, air or sea, Klear Kryptonite has you covered!

With our Kryptonite Glass and Bong Cleaner Travel pack, you'll receive three 2oz bottles of our scientifically engineered Original Formula so you can make sure your heady glass and smoking accessories are clean wherever you go.

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Kryptonite Original Formula Glass and Bong Cleaner Travel Bottles

Our Kryptonite Original Formula Travel Pack is the perfect solution for cannabis smokers who may be taking a vacation or going out of town. It allows the traveling cannabis user to be able to have all their heady glass and other smoking accessories clean so they can get the most out of their cannabis every hit, every time.

Let’s face it. We’ve all gone on vacation and bought a pipe just for the trip and usually ended up leaving it behind. Now you don’t have to leave your new pipe or bong you’ve bought while on vacation behind!

Kryptonite’s special formula will easily remove the unwanted smell left behind from smoking leaving your new glass pipe smelling as clean as the the day you bought it.

Klear Kryptonite is the first and only shake-free, multi-surface cannabis cleaner fueled and formulated by science.

Online review of Klear Kryptonite available at The Nug.

Are you going on a longer vacation and need more than just 3 of our travel-size glass and bong cleaners? Check out our Kryptonite Extended Travel Pack!

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