6 – Kryptonite Travel Bottles. Extended Vacation Pack


With our Extended Vacation Pack, customers will receive six 2oz bottles of our Kryptonite Original Formula glass and bong cleaner. Whether you’re traveling by land, air or sea, these bottles will keep all of your cannabis smoking accessories as clean as the day you bought them.

We’ve all gone on vacation and bought a pipe just for the trip only to leave it behind because of the fear that surrounds traveling with dirty glass pipe that wreaks of cannabis. Kryptonite’s special formula will remove all of the unwanted smell left behind from smoking cannabis, leaving your new glass pipe looking and smelling better than the day you brought it home.

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Kryptonite Extended Vacation Glass and Bong Cleaner Pack

Are you planning to do a little smoking while you’re on vacation? Kryptonite has you covered!

Bring Kryptonite Original Formula glass and bong cleaner in our 2oz travel size bottles on vacation for all of your on-the-go cannabis cleaning needs. Let’s face it. We’ve all gone on vacation and bought a glass pipe just for the trip and usually end up leaving it behind. Our Extended Vacation Pack gives you enough bottles of our 2oz Kryptonite Original Formula Cleaner so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your glass pipe or bong you bought on vacation again.

Gone are the days when you worry about leaving tar, resin or the smell that lingers after cleaning your heady glass at your Mother In-Laws. No longer will you have fret about whether you think you’ve cleaned your glass pipe good enough to remove all the smell from it or the area you’ve cleaned it in while on vacation. Our scientifically engineered formula cuts through the toughest tar, resins, and other sticky goodness left behind on your glass pipe after you’ve used it.

Our Kryptonite Original Formula also works wonders on cleaning tough cannabis stains on clothing. Use Klear Kryptonite on your dab rags shirts, jeans and any other cloth material to remove those stains you thought you could never get out. Our cannabis accessory cleaner is made right here in the USA and only has <3% VOCs (compared to the alcohol and acetone based cleaners which are 100% VOC).

Kryptonite is the only shake-free heady glass cleaner on the market that’s been scientifically engineered to suit all of your cannabis accessory cleaning needs.