2 – Kryptonite 270ml Bottles – Twins


“Twins” When one just isnt enough. Our Twins pack comes with two 270ml bottles of our original formula glass and bong cleaner in two reusable plastic bong bottles which are always made in America.

Use Kryptonite Original Formula Bong Cleaner on any of your favorite glass pieces, including dab and oil rigs, hand pipes and bongs. You can also use it on extraction tubes and any other hard glass surfaces!

Our original formula also works on jeans, shirts, dab rags and other cloth material. It easily removed unwanted stains from dabbing, pen marks and other cannabis-related stains.

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Klear Kryptonite Original Glass and Bong Cleaner Twins Pack

Always wanted a date with twins? Us too!

Our Klear Kryptonite Original Formula glass and bong cannabis cleaner comes in a reusable plastic water bong container which is always made in America. Not only is Kryptonite cannabis cleaner the lowest VOC cannabis cleaner on the market today (<3% VOC) compared to Alcohol and Acetone (which is 100% VOC.) Klear Kryptonite is the only cannabis cleaner that passed Colorado Health and Safety Board’s and is used by dispensaries all over the United States to clean cannabis curing jars and store displays without leaving the chemical residue behind like alcohol does.

Kryptonite Original Formula glass and bong cleaner has been scientifically engineered for your water pipe. You can also use it on your favorite dab rig, hand pipe, extraction tubes and any other hard glass surfaces.

Like to dab? Kryptonite has you covered! This original formula works great on resins, shatter, waxes, saps and other sticky cannabis goodness.

Are you a cannabis grower? Kryptonite Original Formula works fantastic on your hand, grow trays, scissors and more.

Is your dab rag getting dirty? With just a few drops of Kryptonite Original Formula and warm water, you can easily clean those pesky stains on any of your dab rags.

Are you old-school and prefer to use salt & alcohol? As we discussed earlier, alcohol will still leave residue behind after you rinse whatever cannabis accessory you are cleaning. Alcohol also leaves behind that musky alcohol smell. With just a few drops of Kryptonite Original Formula cannabis cleaner, you’ll be able to restore whatever cannabis accessory you are cleaning to its original shine!

No problem! We’ll throw the kitchen sink at you. Even if you prefer salt & alcohol, use Kryptonite to remove the dab marks, tar, resin, and other canna-related residue right out of your sink.

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Klear Kryptonite cannabis cleaner is the first and only shake-free, multi-surface cleaner formulated by science and designed by cannabis smokers.