Kryptonite Wonder Twins



With our Wonder Twins pack, you’ll receive two 270ml bottles of our Kryptonite Original Formula glass and bong cleaner as well as two travel size bottles. Both of these cleaners can be used on your favorite glass pipes, bongs, extraction tubes and other hard glass surfaces.

Our scientifically engineered original formula even cleans dab rags, jeans, shirts and other cloth material. It easily removes unwanted markings from dabbing, vaporizers and other cannabis related stains.

The Wonder Twins pack is a must-have for all cannabis connoisseurs.



Kryptonite Wonder Twins Glass and Bong Cleaner

Always wanted a date with twins? Well, now you can have twice the fun with our “Wonder Twins” pack. When you order our “Wonder Twins” pack, which includes two bottles of Kryptonite 270ml and two Kryptonite 2oz travel bottles, we’ll cover your shipping for free.

Our Kryptonite Original Formula glass and bong cleaner is a necessity for any cannabis user. It’s the best bong cleaner on the market today and has 97% less volatile organic compounds than other cleaners. Compared to Alcohol and Acetone, which are 100% volatile organic compounds, Kryptonite has less than 3% VOC’s! Also, Kryptonite is the only cannabis cleaner that has passed the Colorado Health and Safety Boards and is used by dispensaries nationwide to clean their cannabis curing jars, displays and more.

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