How to Clean a Bong Using Salt & Alcohol

How to Clean a Bong Using Salt and Alcohol

How to clean a bong but first let me start by saying, “Congratulations!” You’ve now smoked enough that you need to clean your bong. For many of us, this is a nightly ritual. For some of us, this is a first-time experience. Cleaning your bong is a necessity as pollutants build up in bong water and leads to an increase in respiratory and other health issues. We recommend you clean your bong as frequently as possible. With that said, every bong I’ve ever purchased except for my very first one was to replace the bong I just broke while cleaning.

Now, let’s begin and learn how to clean a bong: Cleaning your bong with salt and alcohol is the most popular method, but it is also the method that will likely result in the most broken glass. Start by pouring out that disgusting bong water into your sink and rinsing your bong with hot water a few times to break the crud loose. Now, you’re ready to start making bong cleaning solution.

Making Bong Cleaning Solution

Your main ingredients here are salt and alcohol. Other people like to use vinegar and even mouthwash. Alcohol is the most popular of these choices, but it is also the most dangerous. Alcohol is highly flammable and you do plan to smoke off this pipe afterwards, right?…  The best salt to use is Iodine-free table salt. Some smokers prefer rock salt which is generally bigger and may not reach all nooks and crannies. Plus, having a bunch of rocks shaken around within your glass bong may end badly.

Now, that you’ve collected your salt and alcohol, pour about ½ cup of salt through the top opening. If you have percolators, also add about ½ cup of salt into the lower opening. This assumes an 18 inch waterpipe. If your pipe isn’t 18 inches, adjust the amounts appropriately. For those of you still snickering about my 18 inch pipe, please send me a sample of what you’re smoking.

To complete the solution, pour in twice as much isopropyl alcohol (ex. ½ cup of salt, use 1 cup of alcohol). You’ll need to plug both the upper and lower openings because the fun is about to begin. Once you’ve plugged all holes in your pipe, click link here for commercially available waterpipe plugs.

Breaking Your Bong… Sorry, Cleaning Your Bong

Here’s where the fun begins. Violently shake your bong. The goal of this exercise is to use the salt to remove the built up tar and resin from your bong. The alcohol is simply there to wash it away. The harder you shake and the longer you shake, the cleaner your bong will become. This shaking process is what generally results in broken glass, especially if you have intricate pieces, chandeliers, percolators, etc.

It should also be noted that if you’re using salt and alcohol to clean an acrylic bong, it will result in scratches. This is because the plastic is soft and the salt is abrasive or grit like sandpaper on your plastic bong or glass. In commercial products, like Formula 420 cleaner, which is 97 proof alcohol and salt, they add the legal limit of D-Limonene, which in most states is 3%. Please see sidebar for risks of D-Limonene.

Will Salt Scratch My Bong?

Salt and alcohol are the ingredients of most bong cleaners on the market today. Salt is used as an abrasive, like sand paper. As you violently shake your bong with sand paper inside, it does scratch the glass. This is why older bongs seem to get dirty faster as the tar and resin built up in the grooves caused by the salt cleaner. However, you’re less likely to find an old bong with salt scratches in them because they usually get dropped in the shaking process resulting in a brand new smoke shop opening nearby.

Now That The Scary Part’s Over…

You’ve now successfully completed the shaking process. Voila! She’s almost clean. Pour your new alcohol/salt sludge into the sink. Now, say “Voila!” again because your sink smells just like the inside of your dirty bong! Wash your bong with plenty of warm water, while rinsing your sink. Please do a thorough job as alcohol is highly flammable. Have you seen the blue light?

Blue Flame Special – Aisle 1

Have you ever seen a blue flash after you’ve cleaned your bong?… You know, during your first hit? That’s you burning off the alcohol. If you’re a religious person, this is the time you’d say, “Thank God I didn’t blow my face off because I just lit a highly combustible gas in a glass pipe…”

How Do I Get This Crap Out Of My Sink?

After you’ve completely washed out all the rubbing alcohol from your bong, set it safely to the side. It’s time to wash your sink. You’ll probably want to do this immediately after, especially if you’re smoking at your parent’s house. They may not appreciate the bong smell in their sink.

A significant amount of Comet, a brillo pad, and serious elbow grease should be able to remove the tar and resin smell out of your sink. However, I will offer you a better alternative. Go to for a free bottle of Kryptonite. After you’ve received your free bottle of Kryptonite, pour a few drops of Kryptonite onto a sponge and wipe your sink. The tar and resin should wipe away instantly. Rinse with warm water. Your sink will be left with a spearmint smell due to the natural spearmint oil contained in Kryptonite.

How Do I Make My Bong Smell Brand New?

If you’ve just finished cleaning your bong using salt and alcohol, I’ll bet you a Buffalo Head Nickel that it still smells like an ashtray. That’s because salt and alcohol won’t remove the smell. It’ts important to know how to clean a bong the right way and completely remove the smell.  Because you just finished cleaning your bong with salt and alcohol and you’ve received your free bottle of Kryptonite from and used it to clean your sink, take a little more Kryptonite and pour it into the lower opening of your bong. This is a coating solution so you won’t need to plug the openings during the cleaning process. Just pour Kryptonite through the pipe, coating all areas, and allow it to soak on the glass for approximately 5 – 10 minutes. Since your pipe was just cleaned with salt and alcohol, Kryptonite is simply removing all of the left over contaminants and smell from the glass.

Once you’ve allowed Kryptonite to soak 5 – 10 minutes, wash your pipe clean with warm water. When your bong no longer has the natural smell of Spearmint oil, all of the chemical residue has been removed. Your bong is now safe to use. Kryptonite has an extremely high flashpoint so you’ll never see that scary blue flame again!

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