How to clean extraction tubes

It seems like everyone’s a blaster these days. If you blast your own concentrates, then you know that time is money and cleaning these tubes can take a significant amount of time and energy. This process also works great for Pyrex trays and any of the utensils I use during the blasting process. It’s easy, safe, and effective.

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    Soaking Tray

    I find the easiest way to clean my tubes is to get a wall paper tray from Home Depot. These are long, thin, relatively shallow buckets that my extraction tubes will easily fit into.

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    Kryptonite and water mixture

    I know they tell you not to dilute Kryptonite when cleannig your bong, waterpipe or oil rig. This is a true you should dilute Kryptonite if you are cleaning your pipe. Ok now that with that said let dilute Kryptonite! I recommend creating a mixture of Kryptonite to water approximately 3 – 5 oz of Kryptonite into the wall paper tray and fill the remainder with warm water.

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    Cleaning out the tube

    Now, all I need to do is remove the plant matter from the extraction tubes and place the tubes into the newly created solution. This process takes only a few minutes to remove all the excess build up and smell.

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    To bush or not to bush

    If you’re used to using a traditional tube brush, use the same process. It should take less than a few moments to clean these tubes. Put them into the solution, clean with Kryptonite, and use your brush to wipe off all excess plant matter or concentrate.

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    Rinse with warm water

    Rinse the tubes with warm water and you’re ready to blast.

Cleaning Pyrex trays

If you are a blaster like me than you know “Time is Money”. So taking a lot of time out of your schedule to clean extraction tubes and or Pyrex trays isn’t fun. To clean my Pyrex trays I simply soak them in Kryptonite. The great thing about using Kryptonite over alcohol to clean your Pyrex trays is it doesn’t take an extended amount time.

Okay let’s walked through the process of how to clean your Pyrex trays using Kryptonite.

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    Remove the BHO

    Okay let’s start by taking one of your dirty Pyrex trays and placing it into a sink or bath tube depending on the size of your tray.

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    Add Kryptonite

    If your trays aren’t that dirty or sticky you’ll just need a small amount of Kryptonite and a sponge. Pour a small amount of Kryptonite onto the sponge and begin washing your tray like you would clean a dish.

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    Soaking your trays

    Soaking your tray in Kryptonite is an effective way to clean without consuming much of your time. Start by filling the Pyrex tray with warm water and about 3 – 4oz of Kryptonite. Once you’ve added the Kryptonite ensure that it is thoroughly mixed into the water (this solution can be reused multiple times). Now let Kryptonite do all the hard work by letting the solution soak the tray for 5 to 10 minutes.

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    Soak it baby

    Now that you have let your tray soak in Kryptonite for approximately 10 minutes use a kitchen sponge to wash off all remaining BHO from the tray. Pour the remaining solution into a container for reuse.

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    Rinse & Ready

    Now To complete the cleaning process simply rinse you’re tray with warm water and it’s ready to use. You’ll notice the tray the shiny clean without any chemical smell or residue or remaining sticky feeling. The magic of Kryptonite!

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    Recycling your solution

    I love to recycle it helps save the planet and my money; so when using Kryptonite to soak my Pyrex trays I typically re-use the solution on multiple trays. I pour the solution between trays after each one soaks for approximately 10 minutes. This saves both time and money…. They say time is the only thing you cannot buy. I believe I can buy more of my time by purchasing and using Kryptonite during clean up.