Cleaning your Bong or Water pipe with Kryptonite!

Water pipes, Bongs, Oil Rigs oh my

I don’t know if it’s just me, but waterpipes and bongs have become significantly more complicated than the ones I grew up with.  They used to be just a plastic tube with a metal slide in it that after 6 months of use or so you just want to throw away.

Today, most glass waterpipes have built in ice catchers to cool the smoke, complex chandeliers that work as upside-down pea traps, diffuser plates, and in a lot of cases, ornate designs that help cool the smoke while providing a dramatic piece of art for display.

These new awesome waterpipes make it difficult to use homemade cleaners or commercial cleaners that are primarily salt, alcohol, acetone, and D-Limonene (Hazardous material).  The reason is that the alcohol or acetone don’t clean off the tars and resins and are 100% Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC.

The salt content is infused in the product to do all the heavy lifting.  It’s basically using a scrub bush to clean the inside of your pipe. This process works OK… if you like the smell and taste of bong water plus chemicals and if your waterpipe is a straight through glass pipe and doesn’t contain modern diffusers.

These diffusers are designed as upside down pea traps which result in little to no salt moving between the diffusers leaving all the critical components of the smoke diffusion process dirty with the odor and in most cases, rotting plant residue on the pipe.

How can VOCs affect human health?

Chemicals can enter the body through three major pathways (breathing, touching or swallowing). This is referred to as exposure.

Whether or not a person will have health effects after breathing in VOCs depends on:

  • The toxicity of the chemical (the amount of harm that can be caused by contact with the chemical).
  • How much of the chemical is in the air.
  • How long and how often the air is breathed.

Differences in age, health condition, gender and exposure to other chemicals also can affect whether or not a person will have health effects.

Short-term exposure to high levels of some VOCs can cause headaches, dizziness, light-headedness, drowsiness, nausea, and eye and respiratory irritation. (All commercially available and home made solutions are 100% VOC)

These effects usually go away after the exposure stops. In laboratory animals, longterm exposure to high levels of some VOCs has caused cancer and affected the liver, kidney and nervous system. In general, we recommend minimizing exposure to chemicals, if possible. What’s in your cleaner?

Cleaning with Kryptonite

To solve this, Kryptonite was invented in a lab. It was engineered and designed to wash cleanly from the glass without leaving residue and odor behind. Cleaning with Kryptonite also reduces the complexity of how to clean your pipe since it doesn’t require you to vigorously shake your waterpipe, try to figure out how to get the salt into the various chambers designed to diffuse the smoke, or submerge your pipe completely. Put simply, Cleaning with Kryptonite is due to it’s coating solution.

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    Remove your slide and bowl

    Pour out your sludge bong water into your sink or toilet – however you normally dispose of your gross bong water (Cleaning with Kryptonite will make clean –up fast and simple).

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    Pour in Klear Kryptonite’s green slime

    Now that the water is removed from the pipe, pour in Klear Kryptonite’s green slime into the lower opening of your pipe.

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    Coat all areas of your pipe

    Now that you’ve added an ample amount of Kryptonite into the lower opening, simply slush it around a little until you’ve coated all areas of your pipe. Because Kryptonite is a clay-based coating solution, you shouldn’t need a lot. On average, a 2oz bottle of Kryptonite will clean 4 waterpipes – and it’s reusable so don’t fret if you’ve poured in too much Kryptonite into the lower opening. You can recover the excess Kryptonite for future use.

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    Flip and turn your pipe

    All of your ornate diffusers built into your waterpipe act as upside down pea traps allowing Kryptonite to flow through the bottom to the top of the pipe by simply flipping the pipe upside down. Recover the excess Kryptonite into the original container or a ziploc bag for your smaller parts.

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    Wait and relax

    Now that your waterpipe or bong has that cool green glow effect from Kryptonite’s coating action, just relax. The hard part’s over.

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    Now let’s focus on your bowl and slide

    Assuming you can still get air through your slide you should be able to squirt a small amount of Kryptonite through your slide. Since Kryptonite is safe for your hands, even if you get a little of the tar on your hands from the process of coating your slide, no problem. Simply put a couple drops of Kryptonite in your hand and wash with water to remove the burnt plant smell from your hands almost instantly.

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    Use a plastic bag or q-tip

    Now place your slide into a Ziploc bag to ensure the inside/outside are coated. You should be able to reuse this solution for several cleans. If you’re a traditional smoker and use flower, add Kryptonite into the bottom of the bowl and coat the top area where your herb goes and simply place in the same Ziploc bag as the stem.

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    Now simply relax. The time it takes Kryptonite to clean varies depending on how much you clean. If your pipe is filthy then it will take 30 minutes. If you clean more frequently, it will take significantly less time. Use your best judgment on how long to let Kryptonite to sit. It should be noted that Kryptonite has an incredibly low VOC (under 3%) which means it won’t evaporate like acetone or alcohol and will simply remain on the glass until you wash it clean.

If you’re a heavy flower user, like me, and in a hurry, then use a Q-tip to wash both the outside bowl and run the Kryptonite inside the bowl.

Now rinse with warm water. Your bowl should look brand new.

Here’s a trick to save time and money cleaning with Kryptonite.

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    1. When you’re ready to wash out Kryptonite, simply add a small amount of water to the lower opening of the waterpipe. (less than ½ cup of water)

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    2. Swish it around gently to remove a majority of the Kryptonite and pour the water into the Ziploc containing your slide and bowl.

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    3. Then complete rinsing all of the Kryptonite from your waterpipe until there’s no spearmint smell remaining.

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    4. There shouldn’t be any bong smell left over.

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Hard American glass should come back crystal clean. If you glass is somewhat soft the high temperature burn areas may be permanently stained. Congratulations! You’ve made stained glass. Now if you could produce it in other colors, then you can create a mural. Of course, you can design yours after you smoke.

So don’t wait until your commercial or homemade bong clean with 100% VOCs caused cancer and affected the liver, kidney and nervous system. Or you have shaken, your waterpipe until you break it! Don’t waste great tasting weed by smoking it through a dirty pipe ever again. Cleaning with Kryptonite daily.