Kryptonite Triple Big Pack 470


Our Kryptonite Triple Big Pack 470 is a great cannabis cleaning solution for professional cannabis growers who also like to consume.

This pack includes one 470ml bottle of our Original Formula glass and bong cleaner, one 470ml bottle of our new Naked Formula glass and bong cleaner and one 470ml bottle of our Cannabis Extractor Cleaner, shipped to your door for FREE!

This product is currently only available to customers in the United States.

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Kryptonite Triple Big Pack 470 – Complete Cannabis Cleaning Coverage

Are you a cannabis grower, extractor, and consumer? The Kryptonite Triple Big Pack 470 has you covered! 

Kryptonite Original Formula 470ml Bong Cleaner

Our Kryptonite Original Formula bong cleaner is a simple, painless solution to cleaning your water pipe, dab rag, extraction tubes, shirt, jeans, or your kitchen sink 100% the first time without having to boil water or endure harsh chemical smells which most cleaners on the market today have. It comes in a reusable water pipe that is not only recyclable but also made in America.

Kryptonite Naked 470ml Glass Cleaner Free of Dyes & Perfumes

One of our newest products, our Kryptonite Naked glass, and bong cleaner contains no added colors or fragrances. This cannabis accessory cleaning solution coats all those hard to reach places including down stems, percolators and everywhere else on your most delicate heady glass. Kryptonite Naked is a clay-based cleaner and contains no acetone, alcohol, salt or other harsh abrasives.

Featured in HotBox Magazine’s ’10 Best Bong Cleaning Products and Where To Buy’

Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner

Our new Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner was specifically engineered in a lab for professional cannabis growers, connoisseurs of clean cannabis concentrates and professional cannabis extractors. It’s the most trusted and effective cleaner on the market and easily removes cannabis plant matter, waxes, and cannabis concentrate extracts.

It can be diluted 40:1 in water to work with all of your tools, cannabis grow trays and all other hard surfaces included glass and metal. It makes easy work of the areas in your cannabis grow or extraction rooms and immediately washes clean with warm water. Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner is the only product available on the market that meets or exceeds EPA regulations with less than 3% VOC and is truly a multi-surface cannabis cleaning product.

The most powerful and effective environmentally safe cleaner available in the market today!